Here at UDOO HQ we are really proud to showcase this brand new UDOO Project. Both because this a nice piece of cleverness, and because it was developed by Alessandro Paghi, a brilliant and young engineering student of the University of Siena, who joined us for few weeks.

What is this project all about? Umeteo monitors, via some Arduino sensors, meteorological data (in this case humidity and temperature) and can showcase them both with a series of LEDs in an old fashioned analog way or output their data to an html page you can comfortably browse from any network connected device.

This project utilizes a wide range of utilities to make this happen: we have an Arduino library, along with an Arduino Sketch, MySql, php and python. The result is a flexible framework, which could be further expanded to suit your very own application: you can create an internet connected Meteorological Station or develop an advances environmental monitoring station. This is up to you, thanks to Alessandro and UDOO who made this possible!

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Software apps and online services:
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor (4 pins) Colored LEDs Breadboard (generic)